Legend Admits WWE Run Is Over

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One WWE veteran won’t be back on television.

On May 6th, it was reported that Jerry Lawler’s WWE contract had expired, and the company had decided against offering him a new one.

While it initially appeared that Lawler had left the company altogether, an update confirmed he remained tied to his long-time wrestling home via a legends deal.

However, in a new interview with Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Lawler admitted his career with the sports entertainment giant has “probably ended.”

One other thing that a lot of people wonder about, my career has probably ended with the WWE and that’s it’s just one of those things that goes with my getting over with all the stuff that happened with the stroke and it was my, my just sitting behind a desk and doing it commentating on a match again was the extremely difficult.

On a more positive note, Lawler said he’s in “very good” health after a major stroke and knee surgery took their toll in recent years.

Jerry Lawler Joined WWE In 1992

By the time Jerry Lawler arrived in the WWF in 1992, he was already considered a legend thanks to his exploits in his home territory of Memphis.

Although Lawler wrestled in WWE he’s best known for his time at the commentary desk alongside Jim Ross with the pair acting as the soundtrack to the Attitude Era. Aside from a brief period in 2001 when he walked out in a row over the treatment of his then-wife, Lawler worked regularly with WWE for over three decades.