Jerry Lawler Pulls Out Of Appearance Due To Health Concerns

Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler has unfortunately had to cancel an upcoming wrestling convention due to his ongoing health issues.

Lawler suffered a serious stroke back in February 2023. In the following weeks, he underwent outpatient therapy in Fort Myers, but progressed enough to travel to his home in Memphis, Tennessee in early March.

The latest update on the star came in June when Dutch Mantell revealed Lawler had suffered some more “mini strokes” but was doing much better. At that time, Mantell said his recovery wasn’t going as well as hoped, and he still had some issues with being unable to finish sentences.

As well his speech, the WWE Hall of Famer is also having problems with his right hand, meaning he has issues trying to continue with his art.

Now, it has been announced that Jerry Lawler’s ongoing health issues mean he will not be able to attend ‘The Gathering’ convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Organiser Martin Damato broke the news on social media, saying that Lawler was unable to travel for the event as well as wishing the star a speedy recovery.

“We are very sorry for those that wanted to meet the King. We know he was a major want for a lot of people. We have to understand that Jerry[‘s] health comes first and unfortunately he has to pull out and is just unable to travel and do these types of things right now.

“All of us wish the King a speedy recovery and that eventually he will make his return to what he loves doing.”

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Posted by Martin Tmart Damato on Monday, July 10, 2023