Jeff Jarrett Promises A “Receipt” For Max Caster

Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett is furious after Max Caster alluded to rumours surrounding Jarrett’s relationship with his wife and her ex-husband, Kurt Angle.

On a recent edition of AEW Dynamite, the AEW Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn fired back at Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh, and Sonjay’s Dutt rap video parody with Max Caster writing a rap of his own for his rivals.

During the rap, Caster addressed Jarrett as he said “failing upwards is just your way of life, and you stealing money like it’s Kurt Angle’s wife.” Suffice it to say this line among many others that questioned Jarrett’s relevancy and brought up the ill-fated Global Force Gold project Jarrett was associated with left the WWE Hall of Famer livid.

Addressing the issues on his My World podcast, Jeff Jarrett did not hold back with his take on the rap and Max Caster himself:

“The whole, that I’m stealing Kurt Angle’s wife, that is kind of a generation removed. I want to kind of set the record straight here, and this is completely with all due respect. I’ve kept my mouth shut for 10 or 12 years for two reasons, Kyra Angle and Kody Angle. They’re old enough now. They know the absolute truth, but me stealing Kurt’s wife is the furthest thing from the truth.”

“The fact of the matter is when we hired Kurt Angle, and I say we, me and Dixie Carter because she’s a part of this story, they (Kurt and Karen), were legally separated. They weren’t living under the same roof. Enough is enough. We’re 13 years removed from this and I’m sure Kurt is, I would assume, he’s sick and tired of it because he tweeted and tried to get in AEW business and he tweeted and that’s why I said I wanted to address this.”

“He tweeted, and when you got to use my name to get heat after 12 years, Kurt Angle, if you think I need your name to get heat after 12 years, you’re delusional Kurt.”

“I’m sick of it, Conrad. I’m absolutely sick of the BS of my wife, I am defending my wife. I’m absolutely sick of all the crap. Max Caster, you crossed the line. Pal, you have no idea of the can of worms you’ve opened? None. A receipt is coming Wednesday. I assure you that.”

“You want to talk about Global Force gold? You don’t know what in the hell you’re talking about. You saying I hadn’t been relevant since 2004? Really, Max? I guess I’ve been in two Hall of Fames since then. I guess I started a company and got it up where it was making six, eight, ten million a year, it was making over 50 million gross, and you’re saying I’m irrelevant?”

“You’re damn right I’m 55. What 55-year-old can get hired? I look better than you today at 55 than you’ll ever look in your life. I damn sure work better, but that ain’t saying much. I’m gonna get to the fraud you are in a minute. But you want to talk about me being relevant. Global Force Gold, hey, I’ve made a lot of screw-ups. It was a marketing initiative and I got paid well for a startup company. Maybe the aesthetics, maybe the presentation sucked, not maybe, they did.”

“But you want to take potshots, a young punk like you Max? Are you out of your freakin mind? I mean, you think doing the tweets and doing the posts and doing the wraps and all that b.s., Max, I assure you, pal, you have no idea what you’ve done. None. So now I’ve cleared up all that.”