Karen Jarrett Reacts To Max Caster’s AEW Dynamite Music Video, Kurt Angle Deletes Tweet

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Karen Jarrett is not pleased with what she heard on AEW Dynamite when Max Caster of The Acclaimed took some shots at her personal life with her husband Jeff Jarrett.

Max Caster is one of half of the popular tag team known as The Acclaimed, along with Anthony Bowens. They have gained a lot of popularity in the second half of 2022 thanks to their “scissoring” gimmick with “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn. It’s simply a hand gesture that has caught fire with fans chanting it at shows constantly and cheering loudly any time they see it.

On AEW Dynamite, they aired a music video called “RASSLE” featuring The Acclaimed & Gunn with Max Caster trashing Jeff Jarrett about a lot of things from his career ranging from his WWE gimmick to the Global Force Wrestling product that failed and his personal life. Caster also took shots at Jarrett’s tag team partner Jay Lethal with Caster mocking Jarrett for most of it while also making fun of Lethal for copying “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

Karen Jarrett, who is married to Jeff Jarrett, took exception to a line in the rap about her marriage.

Caster had this line about Jeff in his rap: “And you’re stealing money like you’re stealing Kurt’s wife.”

The reason Karen was angry about what Caster rapped about is that she was married to Kurt Angle from 1998 to 2008. They had two kids together. When the marriage fell apart, she started dating and eventually married Jeff Jarrett in 2010. While Karen moved on from Kurt to be with Jeff, there were a lot of things that took place in TNA Wrestling behind the scenes including Jarrett being out of the company for a period of time.

They are all on good terms now, Angle has since remarried and had more children, so they have moved on even if some people in wrestling don’t care to acknowledge it.

Here is one of the tweets from Karen Jarrett about that line in the song.

Karen also quote tweeted her husband Jeff, which could mean the whole thing is a storyline/work that will lead to some sort of confrontation.

Karen also said she is “not playing” in another tweet and she also tweeted “no s**t” to a fan that thinks Caster crossed a line.

Kurt Angle also tweeted about Jeff stealing Kurt’s wife although Angle deleted the tweet. This is what it said.

As mentioned above, the whole thing could definitely be a storyline because it’s pro wrestling. However, Angle is not a part of AEW, nor does plan to be since he said he’s happy being part of WWE these days.