Janel Grant PR Rep Worked As Aide To Donald Trump Administration

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A PR rep for Janel Grant had links to Donald Trump.

On May 30th, an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York filed a notice of appearance in the Janel Grant v. WWE, McMahon, Laurinaitis case. The lawsuit is being paused pending a “non-public investigation.” Back in February, it was reported McMahon was under federal investigation for sex trafficking and sexual assault.

Shortly after the news broke, it was reported by Wrestlenomics and POST Wrestling that Carolina Hurley worked in the White House during Donald Trump’s presidential administration as part of the White House Communications Office. Hurley now works for public relations firm, The Agency Group, or TAG, and through that firm is working closely with Grant.

Grant’s attorney Ann Callis said in a statement to the publications they were aware of Hurley’s work history before they began working with TAG.

“Carolina disclosed the Trump connection before we hired TAG. Our team had confidence that her team, comprised of competent and experienced women, led by a woman with a stellar resumé was the optimum way to assist Janel in getting her message across while dispelling all of the negative onslaught that we knew was coming her way.”

TAG also works with PRIME Energy which is closely tied to Logan Paul and whose logo now adorns the ring canvas as WWE Premium Live Events.

Hurley never worked on Trump’s political campaigns and during her time with the White House from 2017 to early 2021, she reported to the White House Communications Director. The post was held by “many” people within that period including Sean Spicer, Hope Hicks, Bill Shine, and Stephanie Grisham. Hurley also worked on many of Ivanka Trump’s initiatives, including her work to combat human trafficking.

Is Donald Trump Still In Touch With Vince McMahon

Donald Trump has been associated with the McMahon family since the 1980s, with Trump’s facilities hosting two WrestleManias. Trump went on to shave McMahon’s head bald at WrestleMania 23 before making further appearances on Raw in 2009.

Meanwhile, Linda McMahon served in Trump’s cabinet as the leader of the Small Business Administration from 2017 to 2019.

In 2022 it was revealed that $5 million in payments to the Trump Foundation hadn’t been accounted for on WWE’s financial statements.

Now that he’s gone from WWE it has been reported Vince McMahon has been in contact with Donald Trump once again, but a spokesperson for McMahon later denied this.