Jake Roberts Reveals What He Had To Change When Joining WWE

Jake Roberts Reveals What He Had To Change When Joining WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts shared insights into his transition to the WWE and the adjustments he made to his wrestling technique.

Speaking on an episode of The Snake Pit podcast, Jake Roberts discussed the changes he implemented in response to the demands of the WWE stage. When questioned about his altered in-ring style, Roberts stressed the necessity of heightened aggression. He explained that WWE audiences responded better to a more physically dominant approach rather than the strategic mind games he may have employed elsewhere. Roberts remarked:

Just to be more vicious. You know, it wasn’t a mental game that you can play. If you went out and played the mental game, they wouldn’t get it. And they kind of leave you holding the bag. You had to be more vicious, and more on top of the guy. So, that’s not a problem. I could do that.

Why Did Jake Roberts Dislike Teaming With Rocky Johnson?

Jake Roberts said he didn’t like teaming with Rocky Johnson due to his wrestling style not being believable, Roberts said that Johnson’s wrestling style was cartoon-like and that he would turn their matches into a mockery when he got into the ring.

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