Jake Roberts Reveals Why He Disliked Teaming With Rocky Johnson

Jake Roberts Reveals Why He Disliked Teaming With Rocky Johnson

WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts opened up about his collaboration with fellow legend and The Rock’s father, Rocky Johnson, during their Mid-South Wrestling days.

Speaking on his podcast The Snake Pit with Jake Roberts, Roberts offered a revealing perspective on their professional partnership, shedding light on their dynamic. Roberts didn’t hold back in his assessment of Johnson’s wrestling style, describing him as a “cartoon guy” who prioritised flamboyance and humour over the gritty authenticity of the sport. He expressed frustration with what he perceived as Johnson’s reluctance to engage in the hard-hitting, grind-it-out nature of wrestling.

It lacked. He was a cartoon guy. You know, he didn’t want to get in there and grind it out. He just wanted to get in there and play. He’s out there being flashy, and being corny, and being funny. No [it’s not my thing]. Definitely not.

Recalling their time together, Roberts recounted instances where he felt he put in the hard work only to be let down by Johnson’s contributions, which he believed detracted from the seriousness of their performances.

We made the best of it. You know, I went and did the hard work, and I tagged him. And he’d get in there and f**k it all up, just f**k it up, man. Turn it into a goddamn cartoon.

Despite their collaboration, Roberts conveyed a sense of detachment in his portrayal of their relationship. While acknowledging Johnson as a fellow wrestler, he painted their interactions as primarily superficial, indicating a lack of deeper connection beyond their shared profession.

It was all very superficial. You know, he was one of the boys. But yeah, he was very superficial. You never got to know him.

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