Jake Roberts Thought Hall Of Fame Call Was For Royal Rumble Appearance

Jake Roberts inducted into WWE Hall of Fame in 2014

When Jake Roberts was hoping the call from WWE would be to participate in the Royal Rumble, he was caught off-guard by being told he was entering the Hall Of Fame!

Jake Roberts was inducted in to the WWE Hall Of Fame as part of the Class Of 2014. However, despite it being such a massive accolade he had something completely different in mind.

In a discussion on his Snake Pit podcast, Roberts noted that he fully expected the call to be about participating in the Royal Rumble, which he had been preparing for.

I was at DDP’s [Diamond Dallas Page] crib, and I get the phone call from Hunter [Triple H]. I thought he was calling for the Royal Rumble. I had been training hard for it, and I told Dallas, ‘I’m going to get this. I got it. I know I got it.’ I was in the best shape I had been in, in 20 years, easily. Hunter said, ‘Jake, we’d like to induct you into the Hall of Fame,’ which caught me off guard. It took two or three days for it to soak in.

Jake Roberts went on to discuss the point he realised he wanted to step back inside the squared circle one more time, and the lengths he was going in his training.

After I started having long stretches of sobriety. That first year, I think I screwed up twice, maybe three times. It was getting better, my head was clear, my workouts were starting to pick up. Not only was I doing DDP Yoga, but after that, I would go to the gym and put in another hour. I was pushing pretty hard for an old fart.

It wasn’t easy, but it was something that I really wanted. I always wanted that opportunity to tell the fans goodbye, especially after what they had just done for me. They had paid for my surgery to have my shoulder repaired. It is in good shape now. That blew me away when the fans came through on the IndieGoGo. We asked for a certain amount and within 24 hours it was there. That blew me away.

Also on the show, ‘The Snake’ discussed how he would like the chance to help some of the younger AEW stars with their promos.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.