Jake Roberts Wants To Help Younger AEW Talent With Promos

Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts has made it clear he’d like the opportunity to work on promos with some of the younger talent in AEW as there are “a few people that are struggling”.

Regarded as one of the best talkers in the business, Jake Roberts has been under contract to AEW since March 2020. Despite various health issues, ‘The Snake’ has been off oxygen since November 2022 and recently returned backstage. With his usual chance Lance Archer competing in the World Tag League in Japan, Roberts hasn’t yet had the chance to get back on screen.

It would now seem Roberts wants to do more than just appear alongside Archer, and would like to work with wrestlers backstage to help improve their promos.

In a recent discussion on his Snake Pit Podcast, Jake Roberts spoke of how everything is polite but he’d like the chance for more interaction – especially with those he feels are struggling on the mic.

There’s not much interaction with the younger talent. There are a few guys at AEW that welcome me being there. Everyone is kind, don’t get me wrong, but that’s it. I’d like so much more.

I wish AEW would use me in a position where I was helping people with interviews because I do know how to do that and I can certainly help a few people that are struggling, and there are a few that struggle. You can always get better on interviews, you’re never great.

Dory Funk once told me, ‘If you ever think you had the perfect match,’ and this is how I feel about interviews, ‘then you should go backstage, take off your trunks, take off your boots, put them in a pile, spray lighter fluid and burn them. You don’t deserve to be in the ring anymore if you think you’ve had a perfect match. There is no such thing as a perfect match, you can always make it better.’ Same thing with interviews.

Jake Roberts also went on to discuss the abilities of Jon Moxley when addressing the crowd, given the comparison often made between the two.

I saw that he had command of the mic and knew what he was doing. He’s never asked me for help, and that’s okay too. He’s in a good spot and is handling it. He’s done a couple of interviews that I thought were unbelievably over the top good.

Jake Roberts also recently opened up on the steroid use which happened backstage in WWE earlier in his career.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.