Jake Roberts Comments On Disgusting Vince McMahon Allegations

Jake Roberts and Vince McMahon

Jake Roberts thinks Vince McMahon has been “drunk on power” for a long time.

On January 25th a new lawsuit hit the news filed by former WWE employee Janel Grant which accused Vince McMahon of sexual assault and sex trafficking. The suit also involves claims against John Laurinaitis, a former WWE Champion, and the company as a whole.

After the sickening allegations went public McMahon was forced to resign from the TKO Board of Directors but denies any wrongdoing.

Speaking on his Snake Pit podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts addressed the allegations, describing the situation as “disgusting.” By the same measure, Roberts said he wasn’t surprised to hear of the claims.

“It was very disgusting. But it doesn’t surprise me, and that bothers me. For me to be able to say, ‘That doesn’t surprise me.’ [It] leaves me thinking, ‘Man. This is pretty disgusting s**t you’re looking at here, and it doesn’t surprise me.’

I believe the man is obviously partially insane. He’s drunk with power. He has been for a long time.

But remember when they were doing the kiss your a** thing? That was pretty s****y. But to see and read that and not be surprised by it makes me shake my head, man. Just so disgusting. Christ, man. I just don’t get it. I don’t get it.”

Bret Hart Slams Vince McMahon

Jake Roberts isn’t the only WWE Hall of Famer to come out against Vince McMahon, with Bret Hart commenting that he’s lost all respect for his former boss. In a recent interview, Hart described McMahon as “creepy” and admitted he was embarrassed about how he used to look up to him.

H/t to Wrestling Inc