Jake Roberts Addresses Strained Relationship With Fellow WWE Hall Of Famer

Jake Roberts Addresses Strained Relationship With Fellow WWE Hall Of Famer

Jake Roberts provided insights into his relationship with fellow WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, shedding light on their dynamic and addressing certain undisclosed issues that lingered between them.

Jake Roberts, in a recent instalment of The Snake Pit, acknowledged the existence of some problems with Piper but made it clear that, on the whole, their relationship was amicable. He stated:

I’ve had issues with him, but overall I got along with him.

Hinting at a pragmatic approach to not dwelling too much on the differences that arose. Reflecting on the notorious Piper-Bad News Brown rivalry in 1990, Roberts brought attention to the widely held belief that Piper’s reluctance to cleanly lose to Brown played a role in the frustrations leading to Piper’s departure from WWE. In the context of Piper’s alleged attitude problems, Roberts asserted his own avoidance of backstage drama, saying:

I never was one to play that drama s**t, man. Never was.

He seemed to distance himself from unnecessary conflicts within the wrestling world. Additionally, Roberts delved into the criticism surrounding Piper’s reputation for being unwilling to put others over. According to Roberts, the performative aspect of the sport should allow wrestlers to collaborate and elevate each other without compromising their individual standing. He expressed:

If your s**t isn’t good enough to sustain you through doing a job for somebody, your s**t must be pretty damn weak.

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