Jade Cargill’s WWE Future Confirmed

jade cargill wwe flex

Jade Cargill has officially picked a brand to sign with just weeks before WrestleMania 40 takes place.

It was in September 2023 when former AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill officially signed with WWE as a highly coveted free agent. Since then, Cargill has made appearances on Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown and even NXT, but she did not officially sign with a brand.

On WWE SmackDown in Milwaukee, it was announced that Jade Cargill will officially be part of the blue brand. There was a one-minute video that aired on Smackdown that made Cargill’s decision official.

“Let’s make things clear. I didn’t come here to be next anyone. Jade Cargill is a once in a lifetime, generational talent. The type of presence that makes everyone sit up and stand up straight when I enter. I don’t even have to speak and yet I’m the trending topic. I am the headline. They’re going to build statues of me and you don’t have to like it, but you damn sure can’t deny it. And that’s why I’m taking my talents to Smackdown.”

SmackDown’s on-screen General Nick Aldis posted on X/Twitter: “Bag = secured.”

It was also announced that Jade Cargill’s first official appearance as a Smackdown superstar will be next week on the March 29th edition of Smackdown.

How Many WWE Matches Has Jade Cargill Had?

Despite signing with WWE back in September 2023 as a coveted free agent, the company is taking its time with Cargill. At this point, Cargill’s only WWE match was the Women’s Royal Rumble in January when she was a surprise entrant.

During that Royal Rumble match, Cargill had an impressive performance by overpowering and eliminating Nia Jax, who had been dominant in the match before she met up with Cargill. That led to Cargill making it to the final three in the match before Liv Morgan eliminated her and Bayley won the match.

There were rumors that Jade Cargill might be in the Women’s Elimination Chamber match, but ultimately WWE decided to not put her in it. The spot that was penciled in for Cargill went to the returning Raquel Rodriguez instead.

Cargill’s official debut as a Smackdown superstar will take place just eight days before WrestleMania 40, which could lead to her inclusion in a WrestleMania match or WWE may opt to go another route for her.