Jade Cargill Has Message For WWE Fans

Jade Cargill Triple H

Jade Cargill is a newly signed WWE star who is stressing patience for fans of the promotion.

It was on September 26, 2023 when WWE officially announced that they had signed Jade Cargill. As 2023 enters its final months, it has left fans wondering when they might get to see Cargill on WWE TV and what brand she might be on.

The reason there is a lot of hype surrounding Cargill is that she looks like a star, has an incredible physique, an interesting personality and she’s a former TBS Champion in AEW. Cargill held that TBS Championship for 508 days in AEW while also maintaining an impressive undefeated streak with over 60 wins in a row.

Since signing with WWE, the company has placed Cargill on its major television shows like Raw, Smackdown and NXT. Jade Cargill has had face-to-face backstage moments with the likes of Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch while also sitting in attendance for NXT matches.

In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Jade Cargill suggested that fans be patient about seeing her.

“So, you want me to reveal what we have in the works it seems like. [Laughs] So, listen, I think the fan base should be patient. I think they need to understand we’re making a diamond. We’re creating something that’s gonna be a legacy. We’re creating something that’s going to create echoes and waves throughout not just the wrestling culture, but pop culture and beyond. They’re setting me up for success, you shouldn’t rush success.”

Jade Cargill Plans To Take Over WWE

As the interview continued, Jade Cargill expressed confidence for when she does step into the WWE ring to have matches in front of the fans.

“I’ve been on TV in front of thousands of people several times, one thing I know how to do is entertain a crowd. And no one — no one — can say different. I can do that. The WWE Universe knows exactly what they’re doing. I trust them. I believe in this system. And when they see me in that ring, understand, there’s no turning back. [WWE]’s believing in everything I’m doing, given me everything that I could fathom.”

“And I’m going to be ready. I’m already ready. But again, it’s on my time, and everybody should be patient. And when I come, just understand I’m taking over.”

The suggestion of patience could be Cargill’s way of telling fans to perhaps wait until the Royal Rumble in January since that is the next major event on the WWE calendar. The best thing fans can do is keep watching and try not to miss it when Cargill does make her debut.