Jade Cargill Breaks Silence After Triple H Comments On Limited Development

Jade Cargill Shares Candid Snapshot from 2019 WWE Try-out

Jade Cargill has responded to Triple H’s eyebrow-raising comments following Survivor Series.

During the post-Survivor Series press conference, Triple H was asked about the progress of Jade Cargill. Back in September the former AEW star signed with the company amid much fanfare but after non-wrestling appearances on Raw, SmackDown, and NXT, the star has disappeared from television.

Triple H suggested Jade Cargill’s development had been “limited,” hinting that AEW didn’t do enough to improve on her already impressive skillset. WWE’s Chief Content Officer added that the company is doing everything it can to prepare Cargill for the next stage of her career, giving her the best chance possible to rise to the top of the company.

Posting on social media in response to the comments, Cargill reiterated that she’ll return to the spotlight in her own time.

Also, like I said. It’s on MY time 💅🏾⏳

Jade Cargill Working With NXT Star

Although the former TBS Champion hasn’t been on television that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been working behind the scenes. It was recently revealed that Jade Cargill has been working out with highly-rated NXT star Roxanne Perez.

Perez is highly thought of by WWE, having already won the Women’s Breakout Tournament, NXT Women’s Title, and NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Cargill officially signed with WWE on September 26th after letting her AEW contract expire. Tony Khan later revealed he’d made two big offers to the star in a bid to get her to stay.