Jade Cargill Reacts To Being Part Of Her First WWE European Tour

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Jade Cargill got her first taste of WWE gold while in France and commented on the “ridiculous” fanbase that exists in Europe.

It has been an impressive first year in WWE so far for Jade Cargill. The powerhouse former AEW TBS Champion debuted at the Royal Rumble and made it to the final three.

At WrestleMania 40, Jade Cargill teamed up with Bianca Belair & Naomi to defeat Damage CTRL in what was Cargill’s first official match in WWE.

Cargill’s momentum as a tag team with Belair led the two dominant superstars to team up against Damage CTRL’s Asuka & Kairi Sane for the Women’s Tag Team Titles at Backlash France. That match saw Belair & Cargill pick up another huge victory to become the Women’s Tag Team Champions.

There were other shows while WWE was in France for Backlash because they also had Smackdown there while making trips to other parts of Europe as well.

The undefeated Cargill spoke to The Babyfaces Podcast about her experience wrestling for WWE in Europe.

“It was my first European tour. Oh my gosh, the fan base over there is ridiculous. I mean, obviously, because we don’t go over there as often as we do in the States and travel as much. It was electric.”

“Even if anything went off the rail, they still went, ‘Yeah!!!’ I’ve never been a part of something so crazy. The crowd just made you feel loved and you wanted to give more. It was like, okay, alright, alright. So you just wanna top it and top it and top it and they were hot from beginning to end. Most people, they get tired around the semi-main and they were hot the entire show.”

“It was electrifying, I would love to go to Europe again to be honest. I wouldn’t mind being there for a while. The crowd was just unmatched. I just never seen anything like it and just going from WrestleMania to Backlash, it made it a little bit easier being that WrestleMania is the hottest stage, the biggest stage in pro wrestling.”

“So for me to go from WrestleMania to Backlash, I was more calm, I was more alive, I was more at center with myself and the locker room was on fire. The locker room was excited, it was only five matches on the card. So it was more of a relaxed day. You’re not rushing, you’re not being pulled left, right, up and down. You were just ready.”

Jade Cargill Says WWE Has A Very Healthy Locker Room Full Of Support

As for how she is enjoying her time in WWE, Cargill recently spoke about how supportive everybody is in the locker room and how willing they are to help each other when it’s needed.

“Everybody is supportive. Everybody is like, ‘What do you need?’ If anything is going wrong, like my first match on Raw, actually, I was having a little mini-meltdown, and everyone came to me like, ‘What do you need?’ ‘You need to lace up your boots? I got you.’ Everyone is very supportive.”

”It’s a very healthy locker room, a very experienced locker room. Everyone wants everyone to go out there and excel. We’re putting on for the next generation and we’re showing why this is the best locker room in women’s wrestling.”

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