Jade Cargill Loving Life In WWE: “The Best Locker Room In Wrestling”

Jade Cargill WWE Pose

Jade Cargill is very happy to be a part of the WWE locker room while praising other talents for being supportive.

It was in the fall of 2023 when Jade Cargill made the decision to walk away from AEW, where she had a dominant run as the TBS Champion, and joined WWE instead. Fans waited for months to see Cargill compete in her first match, which was January’s Royal Rumble – a match where Cargill finished in third place.

The second Jade Cargill WWE match was a big one at WrestleMania 40 when she teamed up with Bianca Belair & Naomi to defeat Damage CTRL. Cargill was presented as a huge star in the match since she got the hot tag and finished off her opponents.

Cargill has picked up wins on Raw over Chelsea Green and a tag team win with Belair as well. It seems as though Cargill & Belair have their eyes on the Women’s Tag Team Titles as an unstoppable duo that’s on a mission.

While on the Billy & Austin on the Babyfaces podcast, Jade Cargill spoke about her WWE experience so far.

“The locker room here, the women are very supportive. They want to see everybody win. They want to keep on topping each other. It’s very competitive in a healthy way. ‘You had a great match, I’m going to go out there and have a phenomenal match,’ and the next person is like, ‘I’m going to have one better than that.’”

“Everyone is trying to outdo the other in a very healthy way because we want to put on for women’s sports right now. We have the best women’s locker room right now. They have all put in work. They’ve all worked with one another. Being that I’m the new person on the block, they want to see me succeed.”

Jade Cargill Had Help From Her Peers During A Meltdown

When speaking about her first-ever Raw match, Cargill said that she was nervous a bit, but she quickly got some help from others in WWE.

“Everybody is supportive. Everybody is like, ‘What do you need?’ If anything is going wrong, like my first match on Raw, actually, I was having a little mini-meltdown, and everyone came to me like, ‘What do you need?’ ‘You need to lace up your boots? I got you.’ Everyone is very supportive.”

” It’s a very healthy locker room, a very experienced locker room. Everyone wants everyone to go out there and excel. We’re putting on for the next generation and we’re showing why this is the best locker room in women’s wrestling,”

Cargill is currently a Smackdown superstar, but with the WWE Draft starting next Friday, April 26th and continuing on Monday, April 29th, it could lead to her becoming a Raw regular instead.

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