Jade Cargill Never Been Anywhere As Professional As WWE

Jade Cargill WWE

Jade Cargill has never been anywhere like WWE.

On September 26th, Jade Cargill became the biggest star since Cody Rhodes to swap AEW for WWE. The star’s signing was announced via ESPN and she’s appeared on Raw, SmackDown, and NXT since putting pen to paper on her WWE deal.

Despite this, she’s yet to get in the ring and there’s no word on when she’ll start her WWE career in earnest. However, Jade Cargill has been working with Roxanne Perez at the Performance Center as she prepares to take on the women’s division.

Speaking in a new interview with the Dallas Morning News, Cargill explained what had impressed her most about the sports entertainment giant.

“When you have the monster behind you and backing you, the sky’s the limit. I’ve never been a part of a system like this, you know? The fan base, the talent, the front office — I’ve never been a part of something so professional.

I don’t know how to describe it. Like, it’s just so gritty. It’s so gung-ho. We’re gonna get it done, we’re gonna go there, we’re gonna kill it and make a name for ourselves.”

Triple H Took Shot At AEW Over Jade Cargill

During the post-Survivor Series press conference, Triple H was asked about Cargill’s progress and when she might make her debut. The Game reiterated how impressed WWE was with Jade Cargill, but added that her development had been “limited” in AEW.

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