Jack Perry Sends CM Punk Message In Chicago

Jack Perry

Jack Perry made the absolute most of being The Scapegoat as he sent a message to CM Punk in his hometown of Chicago.

CM Punk was fired by AEW following AEW All In after he became embroiled in a backstage fight with Jack Perry. That allowed Punk to shock the world when he returned to WWE a few short weeks later in his hometown of Chicago at the Survivor Series.

CM Punk attempted to hog the headlines during the week of WrestleMania by finally giving his side of the story of his time in AEW. CM Punk claimed he had “choked someone a little bit.” Tony Khan decided to let the world decide as AEW announced that The Young Bucks would show the backstage footage from All In on Dynamite.

On Dynamite in Charleston, West Virginia that is exactly what happened. Matthew and Nicholas Jackson presented the footage without saying Punk’s name as they used it to build their AEW Tag Team Title match with Punk’s friends FTR at Dynasty.

The footage showed Punk confronting Perry as they spoke for a few moments. Punk was clearly the aggressor as he threw a strike at Perry before trying to lock him in a front face lock. Samoa Joe – Punk’s opponent at All In – pulled Punk off Perry before he was led away.

No Real Glass But Cry Me A River Message From Jack Perry

Now at NJPW Windy City Riot, Jack Perry entered Punk’s hometown of Chicago and received a huge, if not particularly welcoming reception, as a result. For his match against Shota Umino, Jack Perry came to the ring with a jacket emblazoned with the words “Cry me a river” as a callback to the message Perry sent down the camera at All In that enraged CM Punk.

During the match, Perry mocked Punk by doing the GTS taunt before attempting to hit Umino with the move. The Chicago crowd were very loud when Perry locked in a front face lock on his opponent as they did not miss the symbolism of Perry using the move Punk attempted on him.

In the end, it was Shota Umino’s night as he picked up the win and afterwards the two men shook hands. While Umino may have won on the night, this show could have marked the beginning of Jack Perry’s rise to superstardom.