Jack Perry Suggests AEW Afraid To Have Him Back

Jack Perry Jungle Boy

Jack Perry has claimed that the company that he used to wrestle for regularly is afraid to have him back.

When All Elite Wrestling launched in 2019, one of the young rising stars in the company was “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry. For a couple of years, he was part of a tag team with Luchasaurus and they were even AEW Tag Team Champions as well.

After Perry turned heel, he moved on from the Jungle Boy name, grew out a beard and tried to portray a different character. Perry was often booed loudly and even won the FTW Championship as well.

The last match that Perry had in AEW was at the company’s biggest show ever called All In London on August 27th when he lost the FTW Championship to Hook on the pre-show.

Due to a comment Perry made on the broadcast about glass that was referencing a past issue with CM Punk, he got into an altercation with Punk in the backstage area right when the main All In show was starting. Something happened that led to Jack Perry being suspended by AEW while Punk was fired a week later while AEW’s Owner Tony Khan claimed he was in fear for his life.

Since then, Jack Perry resurfaced at the NJPW Battle in the Valley in January and ripped up his AEW contract. It’s not officially known what his AEW contract status is currently.

Jack Perry Makes Statement After First Match In Six Months

At the NJPW 52nd Anniversary event on March 6th, Jack Perry was back in the ring defeating Shota Umino in the first round of the New Japan Cup. Perry also delivered a promo where he took a shot at AEW for not wanting him to come back.

“I feel amazing. You want to know why? I haven’t had a wrestling match in six months. Just for a point of reference, through the absolute worst time in my entire life, I took one month, for me. Now, why six months? It ain’t because of me. It’s because other people are afraid. Nobody wants to have the difficult conversations.”

“Everyone is afraid to let me come back, or even let me go, even when I f**king asked for it. I get it. Nobody wants to look in the mirror, so they need somebody to pin up on a cross so they can go about their daily lives and act like nothing ever happened. That’s over now. There are a very select handful of people in the world who still have my back. Tonight, I think I found a few more.”

What Perry was referencing is that he joined the House of Torture group at NJPW’s 52nd Anniversary show.

While you could say that was just a wrestling promo that was partially in promo, there was likely some truth in what he said as well.

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