Jack Perry A Stupid Punk Kid Says NJPW Star

Jack Perry

Jack Perry made a huge statement in New Japan Pro Wrestling at Battle In The Valley but one star was not happy with the controversial star.

CM Punk was fired by AEW for his part in a backstage fight with Jack Perry at All In back in August 2023. This was far from Punk’s first transgression in the company which led to his exit but Perry was also punished with suspension and has not been seen in AEW since.

However, Jack Perry made a shock appearance at NJPW Battle In The Valley where he took out Shota Umino before tearing up his AEW contract. Perry then put on an armband that read “scapegoat” alluding to his role in Punk’s controversial AEW exit.

Shota Umino Fires Back At Jack Perry

NJPW has shared a video of Shota Umino addressing Perry and telling him he’ll face him anywhere, anytime:

(In Japanese) Boy, you got this all wrong, a stupid punk kid. You think tearing up your contract and slide right into Japan? Jungle Boy, anytime, anywhere. I don’t care if it’s in AEW or a ring in Japan.

(In English) Anytime, anywhere I beat you, bitch.

While a match between the two men could go down in Japan, many are speculating that they will face off the next time NJPW runs a big show in the United States. That will be on the 12th of April in Chicago, Illinois, which you don’t need us to tell you just so happens to be the hometown of CM Punk.