“It’s Got To Happen” – Ric Flair Comments On Charlotte Flair Breaking His Record

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Ric Flair would be happy to see his daughter break the all-time championship record.

Both The Nature Boy and John Cena have 16 World Championship reigns recognised by WWE. With Charlotte Flair currently a 14-time Women’s Champion and in the prime of her career, reign number 17 looks to be an inevitability.

Flair was asked if there have been any discussions between himself and The Queen about the record being broken in an interview with Chris Van Vliet. The Hall of Famer revealed that there haven’t been any direct conversations but did pitch a passing of the torch segment when Charlotte Flair wins more world championships than anyone in company history:

“I certainly hope it happens. I don’t know what they’re doing right now. But who knows? It’s got to happen. It’d be the biggest thing in the business. If they’re really interested in doing something. Because I feel like the women have had more empowerment right now than they ever had, and deservedly, right. But the biggest thing that could happen, John and I talked about this, John Cena. Can you imagine us walking down and congratulating Charlotte? What kind of rating would that get on TV? To see that finally happen? I think it’s the biggest thing they could do right now.”

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