“It Smells Like Rancid Yak Meat”: The Big Show Unveils The Wrestler With Worst Gear Odour

Paul Wight, better known by his ring moniker The Big Show, opened up about a unique challenge faced by wrestlers: the olfactory assault of their colleagues’ ring gear.

In a candid interview with, The Big Show shared his experience with the distinctive aroma emanating from Kane’s gloves, likening it to the scent of “rancid yak meat.” The larger-than-life wrestler didn’t hold back when describing the potent odour that often accompanies Kane’s gloves. He recounted moments in the ring where the overpowering smell would nearly overwhelm him, particularly when Kane would grab him for his signature chokeslam. According to Wight, the combination of sweat and prolonged use contributed to the gloves’ foul stench, creating an unforgettable sensory experience for those in close proximity.

Kane’s gloves get pretty rank. He grabs you for a chokeslam and you just want to faint. It smells like rancid friggin’ yak meat.

Wight went on to suggest unconventional methods for combating the issue, such as freezing the offending gear for extended periods to eliminate bacteria buildup. He noted that this practice was not uncommon among wrestlers, who often grapple with the challenge of maintaining hygiene in the midst of intense physical exertion and close-quarters combat.

It’s the sweat, it builds up real quick. Kneepads, and masks, they suggest you throw them in the freezer for a month [occasionally], to kill all the bacteria.

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