The Big Show’s Debut Nearly Happened With An Interesting Addition

The Big Show's Debut Nearly Happened With An Interesting Addition

Paul Wight, also known as The Big Show, made his debut in 1995 and the trajectory of Wight’s debut in WCW almost took an unexpected turn, featuring a surprising addition.

A recent revelation on an AdFreeShows appearance by former WCW manager Sunny Onoo provided insights into this intriguing aspect of Wight’s nearly unconventional debut. Onoo disclosed:

I found Andre the Giant’s mask, which I didn’t realise I had. That mask, we were gonna use it for Paul Wight, when Paul Wight was coming in.

The initial plan involved Wight making a dramatic entrance into WCW adorned with Andre the Giant’s mask. The intention was to create a moment of astonishment within the wrestling community, with even legends like Hulk Hogan as part of the target audience. However, concerns about potential confusion among viewers prompted a last-minute decision to abandon this concept just before Wight’s anticipated debut.

As an alternative approach, the creative minds at WCW opted to portray Wight as Andre the Giant’s son, a narrative that unfolded briefly and encountered potential legal hurdles due to conflicts between WCW and WWE. Reflecting on this period, Wight shared his insights, noting that in that era, it was a common practice to assign wrestlers fictional relationships with existing performers, a strategy aimed at swiftly endearing them to the audience.

When Will The Big Show Retire From Wrestling?

The Big Show stated that he plans to wrestle for about a year and a half to two years before he retires. After his retirement Show stated that he is keen to help the younger talent progress.

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