Internal AEW Roster Wants MJF As A Babyface


After what appeared to be a babyface turn on AEW Dynamite for MJF, it’s believed that many within the company want to see the turn fully executed.

The October 26 AEW Dynamite saw MJF fire The Firm, moments after the Stokely Hathaway-led faction had initiated a beatdown of Jon Moxley. This, in turn, led to ‘The Salt of the Earth’ being left laying as well. A W. Morrissey-executed Chokeslam through a table ended the night for MJF.

Despite the apparent change in character alignment confusing fans, it came as a delightful surprise for those within AEW. Explaining on the latest Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez explained how MJF’s All Out return has seen fans desperately wanting to cheer for him, which many on the AEW roster believe should be the direction he goes in for now:

“Ever since he came back, the fans have wanted to cheer him. When he first came back, he was not supposed to be a babyface, he was supposed to be a heel. And they cheered and they cheered and they cheered. Then, for several weeks, they started doing the deal where he would come out before the show and bury the crowd to try to make sure that he was booed during the show because they wanted him to be a heel.

Well, now they are no longer doing that. Now they are just going with it at this moment. The question is do you go all the way with it or do you do whatever and he ends up being a heel again? What I can tell you is there are people within AEW that strongly believe that they should go with him as a babyface right now. They feel that he could be a massive babyface star for AEW. They think that is what he should do now.”

Whether or not MJF moves forward as a babyface remains to be seen. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that MJF himself reportedly doesn’t want to portray the babyface role.

Returning at the conclusion of AEW All Out on September 4, MJF was revealed as the masked Joker who’d won the Casino Ladder match earlier that night. He’ll use the opportunity earned from that match when he challenges Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at Full Gear on Saturday, November 19.

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