Interesting Name Added To WWE Roster

WWE logo over blurred William Regal Test Christian Lance Storm

A notable name has been added to WWE’s active roster.

At NXT Roadblock, William Regal returned to WWE television for a special moment with his son Charlie Dempsey. A week earlier, Dempsey had defeated Noam Dar to claim the Heritage Cup — his first championship since joining WWE.

During the appearance, Regal talked up the Heritage Cup, before Dempsey told him he would “defend the cup better than you ever could,” bringing a smile to the veteran’s face.

Despite the moment being a hit with fans and other occasional appearances it was reported there were no plans for William Regal to become a regular on television.

However, that might have changed as Regal’s profile has been re-added to the NXT roster on

When Did William Regal Return To WWE?

William Regal initially signed with WWE in 1998, but this run was scuppered by serious addiction issues and he was released just months later. After a brief return to WCW, Regal headed back to the sports entertainment giant in 2000 and finished up his in-ring career under the NXT banner in 2013.

Following the end of his in-ring career, Regal became an incredibly important figure in NXT, signing several stars who have since risen to the top of the industry.

However, Regal was released in January 2022 and signed with AEW two months later. Despite being a regular on-screen presence, Regal left the company before the end of the year and was back working for the sports entertainment giant in January 2023.