William Regal Confronts His Son On WWE NXT

William Regal WWE NXT

William Regal has returned to NXT TV as he came face-to-face with his own son with a warning that could lead to fans seeing the English rogue even more.

On the 27th of February edition of NXT TV, Charlie Dempsey of the No Quarter Catch Crew defeated Noam Dar to capture the NXT Heritage Cup for the very first time.

At NXT Roadblock, Dempsey was joined by the rest of the No Quarter Catch Crew as they explained that the title would still be defended under their ‘catch clause’ meaning that any member of the group – which includes Drew Gulak, Damon Kemp, and Myles Borne – can defend the title.

William Regal then made his way to the ring for a special moment that did not go unnoticed by fans as they chanted “he’s your father” at Charlie Dempsey.

Regal told the group he had a special place in the heart for the NXT Heritage Cup as it pays tribute to the British and European style of wrestling with which Regal is so familiar. Dempsey responded, telling his dad “I’ll defend this cup better than you ever could.” Regal could barely hide his grin as he told the group he’d be watching.

Is William Regal Allowed To Be On WWE TV?

William Regal cut short his time in AEW when he asked Tony Khan not to exercise the one-year extension that was in Regal’s contract with the company. Khan granted his request so Regal could return to WWE with the provision that Regal wouldn’t be able to appear on TV during the time that his AEW contract would have run.

That clause has now lapsed and William Regal was first seen again as he offered reassuring words to NXT General Manager Ava after she was given the job that Regal was once synonymous with.