Insight Into CM Punk’s Agreement With AEW Over Infamous Fight


CM Punk is now a WWE Superstar but his relationship with AEW changed forever with the unfortunate events that took place after All Out 2022.

CM Punk was in a bad mood after All Out 2022 after suggestions had been made that he was behind Colt Cabana’s diminished role in AEW since he debuted in the company in 2021.

At the post-show media scrum, CM Punk lambasted just about everyone as he sought to set the record straight on several points and insisted anyone in the company who had a problem with it go and speak to him.

The Elite apparently took up that offer and CM Punk was soon involved in a backstage fight that also included Ace Steel, who had been with Punk in his locker room alongside Steel’s wife Lucy.

That event led to the suspension of all involved and set the table for CM Punk to be fired by AEW for his part in another backstage altercation almost a year later with Jack Perry.

CM Punk Can’t Speak About AEW All Out Fight

Speaking on Wrestling With Rip Rogers Punk and Steel’s legal representative Stephen P. New discussed the after-effects of the All Out fight and revealed only one person involved was not subject to a non-disclosure agreement and could well tell their side of the story in time:

You’re never going to hear me or Ace or Punk comment on the particulars. The only thing that I will say is that those are two of the most stand-up guys that I’ve ever met in any walk of life, let alone the sport of professional wrestling, and I’ll always be here for those guys. That’s really all that I can say.

Punk’s obviously happy; he’s in a good place. Ace is happy; he’s in a good place. And I’ll always be here for those guys. And as Ace said, the only person, and granted she’s not completely objective and unbiased, but the only person not subject to an NDA, who’s not subject to confidentiality provisions is Ace’s wife, Lucy. And so you know, maybe one day she tells the story.

Tony Khan previously indicated he can’t legally discuss CM Punk’s exit from AEW suggesting there were NDAs signed in relation to that as well.

h/t Haus of Wrestling