Insight Into Actual Attendance For AEW All In London

Wide crowd shot from AEW All In 2023

There was a massive crowd announced for AEW All In, but some new information sheds some light on the actual attendance.

At AEW All in London, which took place at Wembley Stadium in England, All Elite Wrestling announced during the broadcast that the paid attendance was 81,035 people.

Meanwhile, AEW CEO & GM Tony Khan mentioned that there were likely 90,000 people in attendance counting comp tickets, people who were working there, and others.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote that it was probably around 85,000+ people in the building or at least something close to that.

“Regarding Wembley Stadium, WrestleTix’s final number on the show was 83,131, which would be an estimate of the number in the building but not including those in suites because that number could only be estimated. Given the capacity of the building and being there, that’s very close to what I’d have figured. But figuring if suites were used and estimating that figure it would be 85,371.

“At either of those numbers, it would be the largest verifiable crowd in wrestling history just as the announced 81,305 would be the largest paid crowd ever.”

“We do expect an audited number to come in but that would only have paid and gate, not the building total, but it has not yet. The estimate was that there were about 786 left as far as tickets open and not being sold and the ending capacity of what was used. The estimate was 12,000 to 14,000 seats blocked off due to staging and obstructing views.”

“Tony Khan used the number nearly 90,000 for those in the building including comps and suites. Wembley Stadium and the London police did not list any numbers and the stadium said they don’t release ticket numbers.”

AEW Returning To Wembley Stadium In 2024 For Another “All In” Event

Due to the massive success of the first AEW All In event in London, the company announced at the end of this year’s All In broadcast that they would do it all again next year on Sunday, August 25, 2024.

One man that likely won’t be on the All In 2024 show is CM Punk, who was fired after a backstage fight with Jack Perry at this year’s All In event. Punk would go on to beat Samoa Joe in the opening match of the show. Six days later, AEW fired Punk for his actions as well as his past history of not getting along with some people in the company.