Injury To CM Punk’s Dog Claims Alleged To Be “Outright Lie”

CM Punk

A new report has suggested that those on the other side of the All Out fight from CM Punk have said allegations of injuries to Punk’s dog are an “outright lie.”

A report from WrestlingInc provides more details on the situation, stating that AEW has not reached out to CM Punk since the incident. According to the report, CM Punk was asked to keep quiet about the incident and complied.

Sources from CM Punk’s camp told WrestlingInc that they didn’t believe the comments at the media scrum to be a big deal and that the situation only escalated once the door of Punk’s locker room was “kicked in” and hit Punk’s dog Larry in the face. According to the report, Larry had a pre-scheduled vet appointment a few days later, and it was determined that two of his teeth had come loose and needed to be removed.

Now Dave Meltzer speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio has given his thoughts and says he has been told by an unnamed source that the claims of an injury to Larry are an “outright lie” and how this is the first time these claims have come up in the weeks following the fight:

“The only thing that I did hear, the response to what was said was basically it’s an outright lie. I did have that told to me. But nobody could really say anything more as far as the dog thing goes.”

“The thing I find interesting about the dog thing – again I wasn’t there so I don’t want to go too strong with this – but I have heard from his side on and off since a couple of days after it happened, like two days after it happened and multiple times since then, their version, their side, and none of this – the idea was always The Bucks came in and it was gonna turn into a fight and it just happened that he threw the first punch.”

“But if it wasn’t him the other guys would have, that was always the side of it. It was gonna be a fight so [Punk] swung first but they came in trying to be intimidating and that led to everything and then [Ace Steel] acted the way he did because his wife [who was in the locker room] was on crutches and had a broken foot and was taking care of the dog.”

“But never in seven weeks have I heard anything about the door opening, hitting the dog, the dog being hurt, or anything like that. I just find that so weird that the side that was trying to defend him all along never brought that up once and now all of a sudden that’s the story. And again the other side just called it a lie.”

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