“I Had No Idea He Was There” – AEW Star Shocked By Adam Copeland Debut

Adam Copeland making AEW debut

Not everyone in AEW knew that Adam Copeland would be making his debut at WrestleDream.

While there were reports that The Rated R Superstar’s contract was expiring in September and the choice of Christian Cage being in the main event only amplified the rumours, nothing was official until Copeland made his entrance.

Some talent may have spotted the Hall of Famer backstage at WrestleDream prior to the appearance, but announcer Tony Schiavone was not one of them.

Speaking on the What Happened When podcast, Schiavone admitted that he did not know that the newest signee was in the building and what his reactions were to the moment:

“I had no idea he was there, but I thought it was great. I thought it was pretty cool when he slides into the room and he and Christian go face-to-face because I’m looking at them thinking, ‘Man, there’s a legendary tag team and they’re just staring at each other.’ It was a very, very good moment and the fans lost their minds as well. So with all that, I thought it was a very good move, but no, I didn’t know, and you know what? That’s cool,”

Schiavone continued by referencing the multiple debuts AEW that have surprised fans with over their short history and speculated that there would be even more shock appearances in the future:

“We did a very exclusive backstage interview with him afterwards, and you can tell his excitement for being here in AEW, so good job,” Tony says. “I’m sure as time goes on, it won’t be the last surprise that we have. I’m not giving a spoiler because again, I don’t know, but as we go on in the years, you just never know, right? I mean, think about Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley on the very first AEW Double or Nothing.”

Adam Copeland Debuts With Iconic Entrance Music

Fans in Seattle erupted when they heard “Metalingus” ring out through the arenas, the signature music used by the former World Champion throughout his WWE career. As Alter Bridge wrote the song, WWE had no exclusive rights to use it moving forward, meaning that Adam Copeland could take it with him to AEW.

While the music was the same, fans noticed a change in the opening phrase, which is now “You think you know him.” It has since been reported that a familiar face recorded this new introductory line.

H/t to Fightful.