Hulk Hogan Rants At “Son Of A B*tch” Vince Russo In Unearthed Interview

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Hulk Hogan discussed in-depth his issues with Vince Russo and Jeff Jarrett at the infamous Bash at the Beach show in 2000 in an unearthed interview.

At that show, Vince Russo wanted Jeff Jarrett to defeat Hogan and retain his WCW World Championship but unsurprisingly, that didn’t work for The Hulkster.

With the situation at a deadlock, Russo instructed that Jarrett should go to the ring for his match and simply lie down and let Hogan pin him as the backstage issues overtook what should have been happening on the show.

Jarrett did this with Hogan reluctantly placing a foot on the champion to win the title before loudly telling Russo in front of everyone that WCW was in the shape it was in – 8 months later the company didn’t exist – because of “bullsh*t like this.” Russo retaliated later in the night with a stinging response to Hogan that wound up with the WWE Hall of Famer launching legal action against Vince Russo and WCW’s parent company, Turner/Time Warner. It marked a sad end to Hogan’s WCW career.

Bubba the Love Sponge has now released an interview with Hogan from his show that was recorded on the 10th of July 2000 – less than 24 hours after the incident took place. Hogan spoke at length about what went down on the show and noted that he was “ready to kill” Vince Russo:

“Russo is out there, he’s got the belt and leaning on the apron. No big deal, I figure he’s being a [pr*ck] because he’s mad as hell at me. Jarrett walks out and is walking around, I think he’s work. I come out, the roar is electric, the loudest pop of the night. I do the ear thing just to stick it up Russo’s ass and show how over I was…

Two to three times, Jarrett doesn’t get in the ring. I think he’s working the crowd and we’re going to tear the place down. I got them right in the palm of my hand. When you have them like that, you can fart in the ring and the place will go crazy. Not like pulling teeth with Billy Kidman where you have to work your ass off and there’s no reaction.”

“This son of a b*tch gets in the ring and lays down. Russo looks at me, climbs on the apron, ‘F*ck you, Hogan.’ He throws the belt at me. I look down at Jarrett, ‘Is this a rib? Why are you doing this?’ Jeff goes, ‘You always told me to do what I have to do.’ He’s laying in the middle of the ring and I’m talking to him. ‘Get up and wrestle. Let’s stick it up this guy’s ass. You’re one of the boys.’ ‘You’ve always said do what I have to do. I’m doing what I have to do.’ ‘You’re a f*cking piece of sh*t.’

I put my foot on him, they counted it, I took the belt, walked to the back and said, ‘F him.’ I came to the back and said, ‘Where’s Russo at?’ I couldn’t find him nowhere. I’m shaking so bad, I’m ready to cry. Here comes Russo, he pops up on the monitor. I scream, ‘Get Nick [Hogan’s son] out of here.’ I was gonna go kill Russo and I didn’t want him to see it.

Dellinger saw me get my kids out of the building so he knew I was up to something. I’m waiting for that son of a b*tch to come back and I’m going to unload on him. Half of Russo’s boys are watching his back. I’m not going to drop any names, but I saw I had people on my left side watching me. Dellinger grabbed me, ‘Terry, get out of here.’ ‘No, I got something I have to say.’ ‘It’s not worth the lawsuit. Get out of here.’ I had Eric, Dellinger, and three or four people get me out of there.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Hulk Hogan revealed that he took blades to the ring with him as he feared “anything could happen” when he went out for the match.

h/t Fightful