WCW Director Calls Hulk Hogan A “Personality Disordered-Sociopath”

Hulk Hogan

A former WCW director has given their candid opinions on Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan will always be one of the most iconic wrestling stars of all time but in recent years his reputation has taken a battering.

As the curtain was pulled back into the inner workings of the wrestling business, Hogan was outed as an adept backstage politician and his “that doesn’t work for me brother” catchphrase has become part of the wrestling lexicon.

More seriously, Hogan was secretly recorded in recent years using racist slurs, something that caused him to briefly be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame and seriously tarnished his reputation.

Hulk Hogan a “narcissist” says former WCW director

Speaking on The Insiders for AdFreeShows, former WCW director Dan Bynum explained why he left the company in 1995 and the finger was firmly pointed at Hulk Hogan:

“When [Hogan] came in, he and I did not hit it off, let’s say. To me, he’s a narcissist-personality-disordered sociopath, and a terrible person to have to be around. He’s a shoot heel, as far as I’m concerned, and he made me not want to be in wrestling anymore.”

Bynum continued, detailing the first time he ever met Hogan at a shoot where Hogan explained exactly how to shoot him:

“We were shooting promos at Center Stage, and it was a two-camera shoot, and I had a wide shot. It was [Hogan] and I think Jimmy Hart was his manager, and Jim Ross was probably interviewing him. So I had the three-shot of them, and Jim goes to Jimmy to do his promo, and I cut to a shot of Jimmy, and then all of a sudden, somebody’s screaming, ‘Cut! Cut! Cut!’ And then Hulk, into the camera — he said, ‘You never take a camera off the Hulkster, and you never cut too close to [not] see the pythons.'”

Hulk Hogan recently claimed that he had the chance to purchase UFC alongside Vince McMahon once upon a time but passed on the deal.

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