How Much Money Did CM Punk Make From UFC Switch?

CM Punk in UFC

CM Punk’s move to UFC might have been a bust inside the octagon, but it proved incredibly lucrative outside of it.

Disillusioned with life as a WWE Superstar, CM Punk decided he was done with the company in 2014 sensationally walking out following the Royal Rumble. His explosive departure led to lawsuits and created bad feelings between the two sides that lingered for years.

Not only was Punk adamant he would never wrestle for WWE again, but he declared that he was done with wrestling altogether.

With his wrestling career seemingly behind him, Punk embarked on a new journey with UFC. The star made his debut for the promotion at UFC 203 on September 10th, 2016, but was quickly defeated by Mickey Gall via submission in the first round.

Punk’s disclosed payout for the fight was $500,000, however, he was actually paid more than double that figure.

According to Bloody Elbow and newly unsealed UFC lawsuit documents, Punk was paid $1,042,736. The information was made public as part of a class action lawsuit being brought against UFC.

Following the loss, Punk fought again in 2018 against Mike Jackson but was defeated via unanimous decision. The result was overturned and the fight was declared a no-contest after Jackson tested positive for marijuana.

CM Punk To WWE Remains A “Firm No”

CM Punk made a remarkable return to professional wrestling in 2021 signing with AEW. However, his stint with the promotion was marred by backstage conflict and controversy, and Punk was eventually fired in September 2023 after one altercation too many.

Since then Punk has been linked with a return to WWE. Despite the speculation, WWE higher-ups claim a deal between CM Punk and WWE hasn’t been made.