“That Was The Day I Went ‘This Isn’t Going To Work'” – Nick Aldis

nick aldis nwa world champion

Nick Aldis has partaken in his first interview since handing his notice to the NWA, going into detail on when, exactly, he knew the relationship couldn’t move forward.

As was announced in a now-deleted Instagram video, Nick Aldis handed in his notice to the National Wrestling Alliance. He’ll officially become a free agent on January 1, though given how tensions currently are between Aldis and the Billy Corgan-fronted promotion, he may be let go even sooner.

The NWA confirmed following the comments made by the two-time Worlds Heavyweight Champion that he had since been suspended, effective immediately, and was thus removed from his scheduled NWA Hard Times 3 clash vs. Odinson. It’s currently unknown if ‘The National Treasure’ will again compete for the brand.

Speaking to Sam Roberts on his Notsam Wrestling podcast, his first interview since he confirmed his imminent departure from the promotion, Nick Aldis recalled the day that he knew it was time for him to move onto pastures new:

[References Billy Corgan’s comments from Busted Open Radio] “No, this was something that he said to Mickie [James] . He and Mickie had a private conversation that he didn’t realise that I was privy to. She’s my wife. And he goes, ‘Well, your husband is, you know, pressuring me to put the belt back on him’. And you know, and for me, that was, that day I went, ‘This isn’t gonna work’.

[Sam Roberts asked when this was] Sometime in the late spring, early summer. I know that for me was the sort of moment where I went, ‘This relationship is not going to continue, it’s going to have to end’. But I had, you know, I signed a one-year contract.”

Nick Aldis joined the National Wrestling Alliance in 2017 and has since been instrumental in the rebirth of the promotion. Two reigns as the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion brought him to the top of the company.

H/T to Inside The Ropes.