Heavily Rumoured WWE Return Off As Star Signs Elsewhere

WWE logo over announce desks

A former WWE Superstar has turned down the chance to return to the company.

At Crown Jewel on November 4th, Kairi Sane made her return to WWE, coming to the aid of Iyo Sky, helping the star retain the Women’s Title.

Shortly after the show it was reported that WWE was “working on” a deal to bring back fellow Japanese star Sarray. This followed an earlier report which suggested Sarray was in talks to return to the United States.

It’s now been announced that Sarray has agreed to return to the US, but it isn’t with the sports entertainment giant. Upstart promotion Sukeban has announced they’ve agreed a multi-year deal with the company, with her debut coming in December.

The promotion based in New York launched in September, with legend Bull Nakano heavily involved.

When Was Sarray In WWE?

The star known as Sareee outside of WWE announced she’d signed with the company in February 2020, but her move was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now under the name Sarray, the star finally debuted in April 2021 and remained undefeated until August.

Following an appearance on 205 Live in October, Sarray disappeared from television, before being shown in a vignette in January 2022 dressed as a Japanese schoolgirl.

The star returned to the ring the following month, wrestling her last match with the company that July. Sarray eventually left in early 2023.

Despite being incredibly highly rated, Sarray seemingly fell victim to confusion around NXT, with the promotion rebranded more than once during her tenure, and key figures such as William Regal and Triple H also moving on for various reasons.