Hart Family Member Arrested, Charged With Felony Drug Possession

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A member of the fabled Hart family is in trouble with the law once again, though this appears to be a far more serious case than his previous ones.

Teddy Hart, a.k.a. Edward Annis, is the son of former wrestler B.J. Annis and Georgia Hart. He has been active in the professional wrestling business since his debut in 1995. Unfortunately, his career and his personal life have been mired in controversy and now things appeared to have gotten significantly worse for him.

According to a report by PWInsider, Hart was arrested in Titusville, Georgia after a police officer observed him speeding and driving in an abnormal fashion. After the officer asked questions of both Hart and his passenger, a search of Hart’s vehicle and personal possessions was conducted.

After the search was completed, Teddy Hart was found to be in possession of MDMA (ecstasy) and possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) without a license. Both of those are considered third-degree felonies in the state of Florida.

The stop came hours after Teddy Hart wrestled his first match in three years. That match took place on July 14th and saw Teddy Hart team with Chasyn Rance to take on the duo of Rip Ruiz and Violent A for a local independent promotion called Pro Wrestling Vision in Azalea Park, Florida.