AEW Star Says They Ended Their Relationship With Teddy Hart

Teddy Hart

A current AEW star has confirmed that they no longer have a relationship with Teddy Hart, stating that they “don’t associate with him anymore.”

Teddy Hart – a member of the famed Hart wrestling family – has proved a controversial figure for many years. Recently a documentary series entitled ‘Dangerous Breed: Crimes. Cons. Cats.’ aired on Hulu, looking at the darker side of the one-time WWE protege.

One man who had been associated with Hart in recent years in the wrestling world was current AEW star, Brian Pillman Jr. Along with Davey Boy Smith Jr., Pillman Jr., and Hart were part of The New Era Hart Foundation in MLW, winning the MLW Tag Team Championship along the way.

Hart was released from the company in late 2019 amid mounting disciplinary issues and since then he has been arrested no less than five times for various offences, many involving controlled substances.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc.’s Nick Hausman, Brian Pillman Jr. discussed choosing to end his relationship with the troubled Hart:

“I kind of just stopped communicating with him and I kind of cut him off quite a while ago and most people have commended that decision. They said, ‘You’re smart for doing that.’ I love them to death. Of course, I love the Hart family and they’ve done so good by me.”

“Teddy is sort of the big elephant in the room when it comes to the family and everything. And I’ve just made it abundantly clear to everybody that I don’t associate with him anymore, just based off of my experiences with him in MLW. I’ve made these decisions long before the documentary came out, right? I wanted to separate myself from Teddy. And hoped that he would get help. I just didn’t want to keep his wrestling going. I didn’t want to keep getting him booked and keep having him a part of my stable if he’s just going to be Teddy, right?”