Haku Reveals The Wrestlers Who Terrify Even Him

Haku Reveals The Wrestlers Who Terrify Even Him

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Haku revealed who he fears within the wrestling industry.

Known for his toughness, Haku’s opinion carries substantial weight among his peers and fans alike. In an interview on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, when asked about legendary figures such as Harley Race, Road Warrior Animal, Road Warrior Hawk, and Rick and Scott Steiner, Haku openly admitted to harbouring a genuine fear for these iconic wrestlers.

Haku’s admission provides a rare glimpse into the immense respect he holds for his colleagues and the profound impact they had on him. Reflecting on his own humble beginnings, Haku humbly shared:

I was afraid of them, and I still kept my distance. They were the toughest guys I knew in the field, while I was just a third-world country boy trying to provide for my family back home.

Despite Haku’s own formidable reputation as one of the toughest competitors in the industry, he acknowledged the individuals who commanded his utmost respect and caution.

What Stories Have Other Wrestlers Shared About Haku?

Former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan shared a story about Haku’s legendary toughness, Sullivan said while in WCW with Haku, who was working under the name Meng, fans would often attack the wrestlers with objects and one night someone threw a cinder block at Meng which struck him on the shoulder and Meng just stood up and shook it off.

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