GUNTHER Wants A Match With Former WWE Champion


Originally rising to stardom in NXT UK, and then NXT, current World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Intercontinental Champion and Imperium leader GUNTHER has had a smooth transition to the main roster being featured on WWE Friday Night Smackdown, and he’s already a top star in the company at that.

However, GUNTHER wants to create even more earthquakes, and he’s going for a complete seismic shift, wanting to face off against former WWE Champion “The Beast” Brock Lesnar in a match.

Recently speaking to WMBD News for an interview, GUNTHER spoke about who his dream opponent is, and the words “Brock Lesnar” confidently came out of his mouth.

“If I had to pin it down to one name, I’d say it’s Brock Lesnar at the moment. When I was young and watching WWE, I enjoyed watching his matches. Later on when I progressed in my career, I was able to watch wrestling and analyze how people work. He’s always been somebody I was impressed with. He’s one of the best to ever do it. I think that’s the biggest possible challenge for me at the moment.”

GUNTHER’s current run as WWE Intercontinental Champion has lasted over 150 days — 155 to be exact. His last title defense came in a victory against Rey Mysterio on Friday Night Smackdown.

H/T WrestleTalk