GUNTHER Challenging Roman Reigns At WrestleMania Pitched By Ex-WWE Star

gunther wwe intercontinental title

A former WWE superstar believes GUNTHER could be the right guy to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

As the lengthy title reign continues for the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, a lot of people around are chiming in about who should finally be the person to beat Reigns and when it should it happen. Since Reigns has now surpassed 800 days as the champion, it has led WWE fans to wonder what the future holds.

While Reigns holding two major titles is impressive, he’s not the only dominant champion that frequents Smackdown. After all, GUNTHER has been the Intercontinental Champion for nearly 150 days since he beat Ricochet for the title on June 10th, 2022.

GUNTHER doesn’t just dominate his opponents, he’s known for putting on wrestling classics like the battle he had with Sheamus at Clash at the Castle in September. It’s a match that many people believe could be the WWE Match of the Year.

Former WWE/ECW superstar Tommy Dreamer was co-hosting Busted Open Radio as usual when he spoke about the great match that Gunther had with Rey Mysterio on the November 4th episode of Smackdown. Gunther retained his title while Dreamer praised GUNTHER. These comments from Dreamer were from before Reigns beat Logan Paul this past Saturday at Crown Jewel:

“It was great [Gunther vs. Rey Mysterio]. It helped GUNTHER because we’re talking about Roman Reigns. We’re talking about Logan Paul. If Roman Reigns beats him, eventually — then I say the person they have to go to is GUNTHER versus Roman at ‘Mania. Because then I’m like, ‘Who else can do it?’ And I don’t know who else can do it.”

If Dreamer gets his wish and Reigns does face GUNTHER some day then it would be a first-time-ever matchup between two of WWE’s biggest stars.

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