GUNTHER Credits Sheamus For “Being A Great Opponent”

WWE Sheamus vs Gunther

GUNTHER showed respect to his Clash at the Castle opponent.

WWE is slowly turning into GUNTHER’s world with the Austrian star inching ever closer to breaking a 35-year-old record in the company and becoming the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time.

The Ring General already made waves before he became part of the WWE main roster with a reign as NXT United Kingdom Champion that spanned 870 days which was the longest WWE title reign of any kind in decades but that has of course itself been surpassed by the almighty WWE Universal Title reign of Roman Reigns.

Despite his career both in and out of WWE, many people began to seriously consider GUNTHER as a future top star in the company following his critically acclaimed bout with Sheamus at Clash at the Castle in September 2022.

What did GUNTHER say about Sheamus?

Speaking to Fightful, GUNTHER has reflected on that bout and credits his opponent for helping make the match what it was:

“The thing is, I guess to some degree, but everything happens so fast that it’s very hard to actually sit back sometimes and enjoy or reflect on what happened and stuff like that. Overall, it was great. I think Clash at the Castle was good for me because it was the first big pay-per-view match for me, or PLE as we say now. I could just showcase myself, showcase to the audience what I do.

“I think the style of match I put on is nothing they have really seen on that scale before. I think that’s why it stood out and why it was special, and Sheamus was a great opponent. He doesn’t stop, so you really gotta put a lot of effort into keeping the guy down.”

While Sheamus was greeted with a standing ovation despite losing the Clash at the Castle bout, the Irish star has recently indicated he was very unhappy with his creative direction in WWE afterward.