Grayson Waller – “We Don’t Need Cody Rhodes” On WWE SmackDown

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Grayson Waller believes that WWE SmackDown doesn’t need Cody Rhodes amidst rumors of somebody from Raw being traded to the blue brand.

Even though Grayson Waller has only been on Smackdown for about four months and only wrestled a few match, he has a strong opinion about what Raw superstar will get moved to Smackdown.

We learned at Payback last week during the Australian’s “Grayson Waller Effect” talk show with Cody Rhodes that Jey Uso was traded to the Raw brand. We also found out on WWE TV during the week that somebody from Raw would be moving to Smackdown too.

There has been a lot of speculation that the Raw guy going to Smackdown could be “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes since that would put Cody on the same show as Roman Reigns. We know Cody wants to “finish the story” by beating Reigns to become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, so a Cody move to Smackdown certainly could make that happen.

During Grayson Waller’s appearance on WWE’s After The Bell podcast hosted by Corey Graves & Kevin Patrick, Waller made it clear he didn’t want Cody on Smackdown.

“Yeah, it kinda worries me who they’re gonna bring over. I’m worried it’s going to be Cody. You wanna talk about someone who gonna try and overshadow me, he tried to do it on my show Saturday.”

“I’m polite enough to let him on my show, he’s making these jokes about hip toss class and skull and yes, I enjoyed skill with Terry Taylor, okay Cody? You don’t have to mention it in front of everyone. I’m hoping it someone, for me personally, I would love it to be Indi Hartwell, bring an Australian over. Maybe Bronson Reed, make SmackDown the Australian show with all of the big name Australians.

“We don’t need Cody, we don’t need these guys trying to overshadow us, we need people who are going to take that torch.”

Obviously, it’s a WWE podcast with Waller as a heel character, so perhaps he is speaking as a character in this instance. That’s up for the reader to decide.

Grayson Waller’s Friend Austin Theory Lost on WWE Smackdown

On last night’s episode of WWE Smackdown from Boston, Grayson Waller was in the corner of his buddy Austin Theory. Waller was also on commentary where he noted a name idea for his alliance with Theory is to call them A-Town Down Under as a combination of Theory’s finishing move and Waller being from Australia, which is known as “Down Under.”

Theory took on LA Knight on Smackdown. Waller tried to assist Theory by exposing a steel turnbuckle for Theory to use, but Knight was ready for it and avoided it. Knight dropped Theory with a BFT for the pinfall win.

After the match, Waller tried to attack Knight as a cheap shot, but Knight was ready for that too and Waller never touched him. Waller bailed to the floor to tease a potential match with Knight in the future.

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