Grayson Waller Calls Out Dwayne Johnson On WWE Smackdown

grayson waller wwe ring

Grayson Waller decided to bring up Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson during a WWE Smackdown promo after the two men exchanged words on social media.

The brash Australian Grayson Waller is mixing it up with the legends of WWE nearly every week. At Money in the Bank, he interrupted a John Cena promo and ate an Attitude Adjustment for it.

Last week on the July 7th edition of Smackdown, Waller lost his SD debut match against WWE Hall of Famer Edge in Madison Square Garden.

After having his debut match at Madison Square Garden, Grayson Waller decided to take a shot at Dwayne Johnson, who made his WWE debut at MSG at Survivor Series 1996 using the name Rocky Maivia. Waller mocked The Rock for the gear that he was wearing around his neck.

That led to this response from Dwayne Johnson.

On last night’s WWE Smackdown from Raleigh, Grayson Waller was interviewed backstage by Cathy Kelley prior to the Fatal 4-Way match in WWE’s US Championship Invitational.

“I’m not surprised. If I had longer than 15 minutes to get ready, I would have beaten him, too, but that’s okay because I swam so much that now everyone’s talking about Grayson Waller, including The Rock, ‘The Great One’ himself. Every single week, his family is imploding right in front of him every week on SmackDown, but he’s worried about me, and I know he’s desperate for the Grayson Waller rub. If he wants more of my clout, he knows where to find me.”

Later in the show, Grayson Waller got pinned again. It was Fatal 4-Way match with AJ Styles, Santos Escobar and Butch also in the match. Waller was pinned by Escobar, who hit a Frog Splash off the top rope.

As for Dwayne Johnson, considering there’s a massive strike going on in Hollywood with actors joining writers on strike, perhaps there could be a WWE appearance in the near future for The Great One. That’s certainly just speculation at this point.

H/T Fightful