Goldberg “Still Wants To Kill” Bret Hart

December 7th - On This Day In Wrestling History Goldberg and Bret Hart

Goldberg has little love for Bret Hart.

Starrcade 1999 should have been a huge night in the history of WCW, but it’s remembered as one of the most infamous nights in company history. On the show, Goldberg challenged Bret Hart for the World Championship, but during the match, delivered a stiff kick to Hart’s head giving him a concussion.

Despite the incident, the pair finished the match with Hart sustaining even more damage in the process. The kick essentially ended Hart’s career, something he’s never let Goldberg forget.

Appearing on Nothing Left Unsaid with Tim Green, Goldberg discussed the accident and his relationship with Hart. The star said he was initially excited to work with Hart given his standing in the business and reputation as one of the greats.

However, after years of being blasted by The Hitman in public, Goldberg said he can “only be remorseful for long.”

“Then we had a match and unfortunately, during the match, something went wrong. I kicked him in the head. It was very stiff, and it was an accident. I never maliciously would try to hurt anyone. Well, let me rephrase that. I would never hurt anyone in a situation like that where they give me their trust.

Because wrestling is like a dance. You can’t perform properly if both people aren’t doing their thing and I didn’t do the thing right. He caught it in the head and it ended his career. I’ve never lived it down. I’m not a malicious person and I would never take advantage of anybody, especially in a physical sense like that.

So it was a complete accident, but to this day, he thought or he thinks that either I did it on purpose or I was so horrible at what I did that it just happened. So that’s the Bret Hart story. I’ve heard it for 15 years and I’ve heard about him bitching and moaning about me kicking him on the head. I can only say I’m sorry so many times and I can only be remorseful for so long. So that’s where we are. I still want to kill him.”

Goldberg Lashes Out At Triple H And WWE

During the same interview, Goldberg discussed his real-life issues with Triple H, including one incident where he “wanted to rip his face off.” He even suggested that these problems led to “some Japanese girl” beating his famous undefeated streak.

Asuka’s winning streak lasted 914 days, beginning when she signed with WWE in 2015 and ending at WrestleMania 34. While the former WCW star went a supposed 173-0 from September 1997 until December 1998.

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