WWE Hall Of Famer Talks Real-Life Issues With Triple H, Wanted To “Rip His Face Off”

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A former World Champion has lifted the lid on their issues with Triple H.

Due to the monster contract he signed while with WCW, it took until 2003 for Goldberg to sign with WWE, but his one-year run isn’t remembered fondly — even by the man himself.

After defeating The Rock at Backlash of that year, the star got the better of Chris Jericho and moved into a rivalry with World Champion Triple H. By the time Goldberg eventually won the gold, the feud had killed his momentum, something many claim was down to Triple H.

Appearing on Nothing Left Unsaid with Tim Green, Goldberg claimed WWE had “some Japanese girl” beat his streak because of his strained relationship with The Game.

During the same interview, the former WCW star dived into his real-life issues with Triple H, including one incident that left him “wanting to rip his face off.”

“I think a lot of that between Hunter and myself was real…

We had an interaction when I was at WCW leading the charge in New York, at a press event… So I hurt myself, and I know some people that were friends that worked with me were talking to him when he was working at WWE.

And, he made a comment while I was at home, and I remember it like it was yesterday, and from that second he said I was tanking it or faking it or something, and I wasn’t there for the demise of WCW. How could I? So from then on, I wanted to rip his face off.

So, we had a confrontation prior to me signing with the WWE. Ironically, we were represented by the same agent. So, it made the situation quite uncomfortable once I signed with the WWE.”

Triple H Praised By Big-Name Star

While he might not be popular with Goldberg, Triple H recently received a vote of confidence from AJ Styles. The star credited WWE’s Chief Operating Officer with changing the feeling backstage in WWE, lifting some of the pressure that had dogged the company in recent years.

Triple H’s influence has grown significantly in recent months following Vince McMahon’s WWE exit.

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