Goldberg Busted Open In Tractor Accident


New photos have emerged of Goldberg with blood streaming down his face following an accident involving a tractor.

Goldberg is no stranger to getting bloodied up from his time in professional wrestling. Often getting cut open during matches, he probably thought that life away from the ring would be much safer – although these photos tell a different story.

After TMZ Sports reached out to Goldberg’s team, it emerged that the former World Champion had hit head on his tractor whilst working on his farm in Texas. As you’d expect, the man himself described the blood as “just a flesh wound”.

Goldberg bloodGoldberg blood

If recent reports are any indication to go by, then Goldberg may not have hung up his boots for good. Having mentioned that he originally had a handshake deal with Vince McMahon to compete his last match for WWE, things have moved on since that time and he feels he is still in a position to go again.

The obvious link was very quickly made with All Elite Wrestling, with Tony Khan even commenting on Goldberg‘s status as a free agent. However, the man himself has discussed the idea of a self-promoted retirement tour, where he would run four shows by himself and go out on his own terms.