Gangrel Lifts Lid On AEW Double Or Nothing Cameo

Gangrel comes through the ring at AEW Double or Nothing

Gangrel has broken down how his AEW debut came about.

At AEW Double or Nothing, Adam Copeland went to war with Malakai Black in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage match. As the bloody clash barreled towards its conclusion, momentum seemed to swing towards Black who was backed up by the House of Black.

However, Gangrel emerged through the ring canvas enabling the WWE Hall of Famer to get the win. Sadly for Adam Copeland, that win came at a cost as it’s since been revealed he broke his leg while jumping from the top of the cage.

Speaking during an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Gangrel explained how his appearance came to be, commenting that he’s appreciative of Copeland for bringing him in.

In an interview of his own, Copeland recently revealed WWE turned down a reunion with Gangrel at WrestleMania 39, saying fans wouldn’t remember the group.

“Adam, Edge, he’s hard headed,” Gangrel said. “Once he has a story or something in his mind, he’s going to get it done, somehow, one way or another. Eventually it chilled over into AEW, and he had to get it done.

And I’m appreciative for it…I’m 55 years old, I didn’t know if I could crawl up from the bottom of the ring [after] being under there for a while. My biggest fear was ‘Can I get up and move?’ But the adrenaline kicked in. I was just blessed to be part of that moment. It was fun to be out there and to be a part of something.”

Gangrel Surprised Appearance Was Kept Secret

The Attitude Era star went on to break down how his appearance was kept secret, revealing he was smuggled into the ringside area by the ring crew.

They kept it hush hush,” Gangrel said. “I didn’t tell anybody. They had me come in last minute. I stayed in his locker room the whole time. When I went to go to the ring, people like Jericho were like ‘What are you doing here?!’ They were able to keep it quiet as best they could. I was surprised by that, because it’s really hard to do in wrestling nowadays. That was really cool.

“I didn’t get wheelchaired in, covered up, or anything like that. I just came in early, before everybody, then I went to the locker room, Adam’s room, and just sat there, just sat there all day. And then right before the match, I threw a black hoodie on, and went out with the ring crew. Kind of climbed under the deal, and that was that.”

Copeland, Gangrel, and Christian Cage performed as The Brood in the WWF from the summer of 1998 until the summer of 1999 via a union with The Ministry of Darkness.

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