Backstage AEW Reaction To Devastating Adam Copeland Injury

Malakai Black kicks Adam Copeland

There’s a great deal of sadness in AEW following Adam Copeland’s injury.

Since arriving in AEW at WrestleDream in October, Adam Copeland has been hell-bent on defying Father Time and rolling back the years in the ring. The star formerly known as Edge has continued to impress fans and media figures alike, wrestling a wide range of opponents across several styles.

This led the veteran to a showdown with Malakai Black in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match at Double or Nothing.

As the match stipulation would suggest, the clash was a blood-soaked affair that saw Copeland launch himself from the top of the cage in an effort to finish his rival for good. However, the WWE Hall of Famer landed feet first, sparking speculation he was seriously injured.

In a new post on social media, Adam Copeland has announced he broke his leg when he came off the top of the cage.

Meanwhile, a report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider has given an update on the reaction backstage to Copeland’s injury. Johnson noted that among staff and talent, there’s a “great deal of sadness and sympathy” for the star who has become a popular figure within AEW.

Copeland has become a “great mentor and sounding board for talents” since joining from WWE, and will leave a “great void” behind the scenes while he recovers.

Adam Copeland Owns WWE-Related Trademark

The match at Double or Nothing also featured a surprise appearance from Attitude Era favourite Gangrel who helped Copeland to victory.

Interestingly, Johnson adds that Copeland owns the rights and trademarks linked to “The Brood” name previously used in WWE. Copeland, Gangrel, and Christian Cage performed as The Brood from the summer of 1998 until the summer of 1999 via a union with The Ministry of Darkness.

In a recent interview, Adam Copeland revealed WWE turned down a reunion between himself and Gangrel at WrestleMania 39, as they said fans wouldn’t remember the group.