People Within WWE “Don’t Know” What Gable Steveson’s Future Is

gable steveson wwe nxt corbin

Gable Steveson is a WWE NXT rookie with an incredibly bright future, but he also has a lot of options in his life.

It was this past Tuesday on the NXT TV broadcast when Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson’s first WWE match was announced. In a segment that WWE promoted featuring Steveson making a decision about his future, there was an interruption from Baron Corbin.

The promos between Corbin and Steveson led to them agreeing to a match at the NXT Great American Bash Premium Live Event this Sunday, July 30th in Cedar Park, Texas. Steveson also showed off his incredible power game by hitting a German Suplex and belly-to-belly suplex on Corbin, which sent the big man across the ring with ease.

As for his future, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Steveson still has an interest in freestyle wrestling and that people within WWE don’t know what’s next for him.

“Those in WWE have said that they don’t know if Steveson will still be competing in the world championships that take place from 9/16 to 9/24 in Belgrade, Serbia, and that he himself doesn’t know either, and with his contract with WWE, they will be making that decision. But he clearly wants to do still compete.”

“As of a few weeks ago, he was still doing that after dominating all the top American heavyweights and winning a spot by winning both the national championships and Final X over Mason Parris.”

In addition to wanting to compete in the freestyle wrestling World Championships, it’s also possible that Steveson could want to compete in the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics to try to win a second gold medal.

What did Gable Steveson Accomplish Before His WWE Debut?

There are some WWE fans that might not think that Gable Steveson is a big deal because he’s yet to accomplish anything in the world of pro wrestling. While Steveson was signed by WWE in 2021 and even drafted to Raw in September 2021, he’s yet to have a match in the company. At 23 years old, he obviously has a lot of time to develop.

Gable Steveson has made some recent comments about competing in freestyle wrestling again. After being a two-time NCAA Champion at Minnesota and an Olympic Gold Medallist, he could pursue more goals in that sport. Whether WWE allows him to pursue that is another story. At this point, it appears his focus will be on competing in WWE and getting better as a superstar in the months ahead.