Former WWE Women’s Champion Doesn’t Know Why She Was Let Go

WWE Women's Championship

A former WWE Women’s Champion has reflected on being let go after “carrying the women’s division for two years.”

Jazz made her televised debut for WWE at Survivor Series 2001 in a bout for the WWE Women’s Championship that was won by Trish Stratus. Two months later Jazz earned another shot at the title and defeated Stratus for the championship on the 4th of February 2002 edition of Raw.

She held the title for three months but struck gold again when her hostilities with Trish Stratus resumed at Backlash in 2003. A shorter title reign followed for the star and by November 2004, the star found herself let go by WWE as she found herself falling down the pecking order on the roster.

Jazz doesn’t believe WWE has a real reason for letting her go

Speaking to Steve Fall for, Jazz reflected on leaving WWE and explained why she felt like her being let go would be similar to the company deciding to let Roman Reigns out of his contract:

“I just pretty much carried the women’s division for two years. It’s just like writing Roman Reigns off right now and saying, ‘Hey brother, we ain’t got nothing for you. That’s a question that’s been sitting behind you know, just for making me wonder for the last 15 or 20 years like, what and how, and why.

“I don’t believe they can come up with a reason. That’s what they tell people, you know, ‘Creative don’t have anything for you.’ I even told them, ‘Hey, I don’t need creative to tell a story for me. I can get out in the ring and create my own story.'”

Jazz last competed in 2021 following a spell in IMPACT Wrestling where she mainly teamed with former Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace.